Lionel Lowry IV Fine Art

by Lionel Lowry IV

Lionel Lowry IV painter with "Miss Direction"

Lionel has worked in graphic design for three decades in Tampa, Florida.  He is now focussing solely on painting and plans to open a gallery space soon. 

“My family is full of gifted artists, writers, photographers, and cooks.  I am blessed to have such a group of talented people in my life. They set me on a path of creative discovery that has led to a new calling.


 “I love working in acrylics. The paint dries fast and sets a beat. It’s an upbeat that gets me excited. I strive to capture that energy.  And see where the paint takes me.”

His abstract work is intended to create a space for the viewer to discover their own narrative.  “The visual visitor becomes the storyteller. I merely set the stage.”

“My inspiration comes from those moments that trick you into dreaming while awake; staring at a fire, looking at the ocean, and watching the sun rise and set.”

Lionel makes his home on Davis Islands, Florida. He enjoys photography, dining, iced-tea, and the company of friends and family.

artwork by Lionel Lowry IV